23 May 2021

Dear EFP church folk,
I hope you have survived the gales - indeed are surviving them, as the wind continues to blow vigourously as I write.
We celebrate on Sunday the joyful festival of the Day of Pentecost (aka Whitsun) - a day when the flame of Christ with us and in us is fanned afresh, when our baptism is re-ignited. The festival is gentle yet powerful. Let us allow our spirits to be encouraged and lifted this Pentecost.
On Sunday we have 
- Pentecost Communion at Escot at 10.30am
- video reflection (link HERE) - you are invited to have a candle and matches to hand
- This week's Prayer Diary
Coming Sundays -
May 30th Payhembury Communion 
Jun 6th Feniton Communion 
Jun 13th Payhembury All Age
All 10.30am
The Reflection of the Week (from the series of daily reflections I’ve been using recently), which we will also use on Sunday.
Wait for strength
Don’t force the future.
Wait for the strength that you will need
to do whatever must be done.
At the right time, it will be yours.
As if from on high
settle upon you.
Wait for strength. Then rise 
(from ‘Breathing Deep - Life in the Spirit of Easter’, Ian Adams)
Picture of the week - 
 For those missing holidays, cruises or otherwise (if slightly irreverent).
Take care, and God bless,